Gods' Weapons Mod

Gods' Weapons Mod adds a bunch of powerful weaponry, armors, including rings that have unique abilities. It currently has total of 58 items including 8 different weapons, 4 armors and 9 different rings.

All Weapons

Diamond HammerDiamond HammerA powerful hammer that kills mobs with one hit.
Hammer of StormHammer of StormGives you the God ability and can strike lightnings.
Aura SwordAura SwordA powerful gold sword that knocks back opponents.
Sword of OathSword of OathGives you the ability to knock enemies more than 25+ blocks away.
Demon SwordDemon SwordA powerful sword made of demon crystal that sets opponents on fire.
Sword of HadesSword of HadesGives you the Demon ability and takes you to dark side.
Boreas' SwordBoreas' SwordGives you the God ability and turns water into ice.
Apollo's BowApollo's BowShoots very powerful flaming arrows while can be used in meele combat for knocking back.

All Armors

Reinforced Steel ChestplateReinforced Steel ChestplateMade of Enchanted Steel, powerful as diamond armor.
Reinforced Steel BootsReinforced Steel BootsMade of Enchanted Steel, powerful as diamond armor.
Ares' ChestplateAres' ChestplateA very powerful armor that prevents all damages in exchange of its durability and shines with its own fire crystal in the middle.
Hermes' BootsHermes' BootsA very powerful pair of boots that gives you the Wind ability.

All Abilities

GodYou take no damage from falling, can jump 3x high, 10x further and you can step 1 block up without jumping.
DemonYou have the same abilities from the God ability but you lower your Luck and set all livings on fire.
WindIt prevents fall damage in exchange of boots durability, can jump 2x hight, 10x further, run 10x faster and you can step 3 block up without jumping. Is that mountains are not an obstacle for you.

All Rings

RingRingHas no effect.
Speed RingSpeed RingAbility to run faster.
Water RingWater RingAbility to breathe under water.
Air RingWater RingAbility to jump higher.
Defense RingDefense RingGives you resistance.
Dark RingDark RingGives you invisibility.
Light RingLight RingAbility to see in dark.
Power RingPower RingMakes you more powerful.
Fire RingFire RingMakes you fire resistant.

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Note that the video was released in 2015 so it does not have all features and the textures are completely different. The textures had several changes and still working on. If you want to collaborate by, making textures, sound or by giving ideas for the mod you can contact from this page or from the form on the bottom of this page.

Copyright, Modpacks & License

This mod is covered under the Apache License 2.0. Modpacks are encouraged, feel free to include it. All textures are made by NuclearHexagon.